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After this long, cold winter make the most of your summer!
          Join us for our popular Summer Fun Program for children Ages 3 - 9
Also, Check out our June Workshop
for ages 2 through 8th Grade



american girl day
At North Andover School of Dance, we are committed to offering a fun, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for students of all ages to learn and appreciate the art of dance. Our students can explore many dance styles and as their technique develops, we offer our students the opportunity to participate on competitive dance teams. Most importantly, we provide a program where our students learn important life skills such as taking care of one’s body, building self-esteem and self-confidence, developing poise, and working as a team.

Registration for dance is ongoing!

Please see our Dance Schedule for Classes & Registration Link

"Today is the best day of my life"
- Charleigh Parker


“From Cleats to Dance Shoes”

If you enjoy playing sports AND dancing,
our curriculum is designed for you to be able to do both!

Play a fall sport and come dance with us in November!
We also can accommodate your spring sport schedule with dance.



June 2013 Recital Video

Congratulations to Mindy Freedman and Rachel Michienzi
Graduates of the 71st Annual Dance Education Training Course

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